Physicist makes our modern life style a reality because of their eagerness and hardworking to discover the interaction of matter and its energy. Imagine with out bright steady electric bulbs, you will be then sends back to the flickering candle or oil lamp of old. Nuclear powered tube trains and ships replace electric trains and slow cumbersome steamships. Tall buildings reach beyond the clouds, bridges links islands and jets takes us anywhere in the world in hours.
After the Physicist had determined what make up the cells, the atom, and the universe, the chemist, the biologist, and the astronomer took over and continue to probe physical interactions further. This is proof that all other natural sciences depend upon Physics for their foundation. This is so because Physics is concerned with the most fundamental aspect of matter and energy and their interactions.
Galileo’s investigation and discoveries regarding falling objects and the swinging of pendulum mark the opening of experimental Physics. Kepler, Newton, Einstein, and other such scientist go after with their great contributions to Physics.

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