Chapter 1. Nature of Physics

1 Introduction to Physics

Physics is a branch of Physical Science which deals with the study of matter, energy and their interactions.
Physics is one of the foundations of all sciences. It is classified as an Experimental Science. It is also categories as the basic of all sciences. It primarily involves Units, Physical Quantities and Vectors, Motion along Straight and Curved Path, Work, Energy, Power, Momentum and its relationship to Impulse and etc.

Subdivisions of Physics
The subdivisions of Physics are Mechanics, Heat, Light, Sound, Electricity and Nuclear Physics.

Mechanics. The branch of Physics which deals with energy and forces and their effect on
Heat. It concerned primarily with the condition of the body at a certain high temperature
or a change in temperature.
Light. The study of electromagnetic radiation and the emission of photons from the
excited state.
Sound. It refers to the transmission of longitudinal pressure waves(sound wave)(as in air)
that is the stimulus to hearing
Electricity. The study of the movement and interaction of electrons.
Nuclear Physics. This is also called Atomic Physics. It refers to the study of the behavior of the atomic nucleus or energy derived from it.

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